Form Feng Shui

Form Feng Shui is the oldest form of Feng Shui – stipulated to be as old as 6000 years, and was originally used to find suitable burial sites for ancestors. It’s believed that ancestral tomb orientation can have impact on blood relatives for a long time. Form school looks at the shape, direction and symbolism of shapes around the house. So this tradition looks at the external forces around the house. The dark turtle, refers to the rear of the house, and needs to provide support to the occupants of the house. The green dragon sits on the left of the house, the white tiger to the right and in front is the red phoenix. If the tiger side is higher than the dragon side, it’s said to provide more support to the female family members, and visa-a-vis to the male members.  The principle of ‘mountain (or solid support – can be a big house etc) behind; and water in front (can be a road in front)’ comes from form Feng Shui. But form goes well beyond and looks at any other external forces that may help or hinder the people in the house.