Bazi Consultation

Have you ever felt that there are years where luck flows easily to you; and then there are other years when in the same situations you don’t find success as easily.

Have you sometimes observed that wearing a particular colour, sometimes a particular hour and day are much luckier for you.

Have you observed celebrities who shot to huge success, and then saw sudden difficulties.

The ancient Chinese discovered that the date and time of your birth (year, month, date, hour) helps to decode ones destiny. A person’s fortune is predicted by looking at the branch and stem characters for each of the four parts of the date-time of birth.

Bazi originated at the time of the Han dynasty, but was later reorganized during the Tang dynasty. During the Song dynasty, the hour pillar was added.

The current year of the Wood Dragon will have differential impact on people depending on how stem and branch interacts with their four pillars of their birth chart.