Golden Chi is a Feng Shui and Divination Consultancy based in London, UK.​

Designing and Divining your luck

About Us​

I am Navaneeta Das, the founder of GoldenChi. Since I was a child have been deeply interested in understanding universal energy and how the entire universe communicates with us. Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese methodical practice, based on thousands of years of learning about the subtle energy or Chi/qi. The practice is based on energy from five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and balancing them for the benefit of the individual.

Each element has Yang (masculine) and Yin (feminine) aspects. I have learnt Feng Shui from Grand Master Stephen Skinner, since 2009. I also learnt my 8 mansions Feng Shui from GM Stephen Skinner. Over time, I have assisted him in several consultancies and site visits. I have found the experience of working across Flying Star, 8 mansions and Form fascinating and how Feng (Wind) and Shui(Water) have such profound impact on people’s lives and luck.

I have been deeply interested in Tarot for over three decades now, and have done many readings in conferences and public readings.

Long before this, in 2004 I was initiated into Usui system of Reiki, and have since regularly practiced Reiki healing. Being a channel for Reiki has had a profound impact on my how I think, perceive and interact every day. ‘Ki’ in Reiki refers to the same universal energy known as Chi or Qi. The difference of pronunciation being the difference between Mandarin and Japanese.

In 2019, I learnt Bazi or four pillars of destiny from Master Janene Laird. Based birth year, month, date and hour, and eight characters derived from the same – Bazi techniques are used to divine luck cycles in a person’s life.

In 2020 , I also did a course on the I Ching from Senior Master Jacek Kryg. The I Ching is one of oldest Chinese classics on divination and meditation.